The only way to educate young children properly is within a homely atmosphere, so I am going to start my own school here and now

Molly Papirnik, Founder, 1951

Welcome to the Jack and Jill Family of Schools – a group of schools that has been providing education for young children since 1951 and is now one of the very few remaining family run educational establishments in the UK.
All Jack and Jill schools focus on achieving high standards in both behaviour and performance within the close supportive ‘family’ environment and through a broad academic curriculum. Emphasis is placed upon acceleration in literacy and numeracy as well as development of effective working practices, diligence and the sheer joy of learning – a ‘tradition of excellence’ established over many decades.

We believe that quality education and care during a child’s precious formative years ensures a happy and memorable experience and provides an enduring, unparalleled foundation for life. From the day a child is entrusted to our care, his or her needs in all areas are paramount.


The Jack and Jill family of schools has a unique history. Almost 70 years ago, the School’s founder, Molly Papirnik, announced to her astonished husband, “the only way to educate young children properly is within a homely atmosphere so I am going to start my own school here and now”.

With one boy and one girl, Jack and Jill School started in the dining room of her home, offering traditional education in the home from home environment that she felt to be of paramount importance.

Today, the Papirnik family continues its commitment to the Jack and Jill family of schools with her granddaughter as its present Principal and members of the next generation actively involved in its day to day operation, ready for its next generation.


Alongside the traditional academic curriculum pupils at the schools are exposed to STEM learning from the earliest opportunity.

Also in preparation for living a full and healthy adult life in the broadest sense of the term, children at the school also enjoy sessions focusing on healthy living.

Philosophy for Children encourages children at all school stages to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and in a caring manner.

The future belongs to the technically adept.
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Healthy Living
Developing positive attitudes to bodies, minds, exercise and competition.
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Philosophy for Children
Never be afraid to think outside the box.
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The schools operate on a traditional basis within the “home from home” environment and have the highest expectations of both pupils and staff.

In close partnership with parents, we aim to enable each child to grow into a positive, responsible and confident person, able to work and cooperate with others whilst developing his or her own knowledge and skills.

These principles underpin every aspect of life at the schools, from the way we use our buildings to the range of our resources and from the calibre of our staff to their deployment within the schools.

Pastoral Care
Working with families to meet each child’s needs
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Each school is located within a distinctive local area of character.
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Parent Association
An active and committed social and fundraising committee
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Welcome to the Jack & Jill Family of Schools

1951 - 2021:

Celebrating our 70th Anniversary!




Open Mornings
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In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out more about the Family of Schools or arranging an individual tour, please visit our Admissions. You can also visit our ‘virtual tour’