Welcome to the Jack and Jill Family of Schools!

We are delighted to introduce you to our ‘family’!

The Family of Schools consists of three schools arranged as follows:

  • Jack & Jill School, Twickenham – Nursery, girls and boys aged 2-4
  • Jack & Jill School, Twickenham – Reception, girls only
  • Nightingale House Pre-Preparatory, Hampton – Years One and Two, girls only
  • Clarence House Preparatory Schoool (C.H.P.S.), Hampton Hill – Years Three – Six, girls only

With a warm welcome assured we aim to make entry to the Family of Schools a smooth and exciting process. Our Registrar, Mrs Jane Duffau, will be on hand throughout to help you with any questions, queries, or concerns – no matter how big or small! If you are considering joining the Family of Schools and would like more information, please contact Mrs Duffau via email ( or telephone (03333 444 630) and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

 The Family of Schools Tours

We currently schedule individual tours and offer ‘Open Mornings’ for prospective pupils and their parents. Please contact our Registrar to arrange a visit or learn more: 03333 444 630

Click here to visit our ‘virtual tour’.

If you have further questions, please do get in touch as we are always happy to help!

Joining the Family of Schools

We highly recommend registering early for entry to the Family of Schools at all ages. To register, please download the following Registration Form and return it via email to Upon receipt of your completed form, our Registrar will contact you to discuss your entry.

The Jack & Jill Family of Schools is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information you provide will be stored securely and used for the intention stated:

Click here to download the Registration Form

 The Family of Schools Fees

View the Family of Schools Fees and further information here



We can arrange socially distanced appointments with Miss Papirnik (Principal) or Mr Hitchen (Clarence House Headteacher) This can be arranged by the Registrar who will suggest a time most suited to your proposed date of entry.


If you would like to receive a copy of our prospectus pack , please contact the Registrar.

The Admissions Process

Depending on availability of spaces, children can join the Family of Schools at any time although the standard date of joining is in September with an additional small group of our youngest nursery children also joining annually in January.

Joining the Nursery

Our Nursery is for children aged 2-4 years old arranged into four Nursery classes split by age. There is no assessment for joining Nursery and places are offered on a first come basis with waiting lists operating for all groups. 

Joining our Pre-Preparatory (Reception – Year Two)

Girls at the Jack & Jill Family of Schools have guaranteed places through the schools until the age of 11 with a smooth transition into Reception and Nightingale House following on from time spent in the nursery classes. Entry for girls joining from other settings can be booked ahead and for transition to Years One or Two we recommend a taster morning spent in your daughter’s new class so that she and her prospective teacher can learn more about each other and your daughter can see for herself what life at Nightingale House is actually like. The girls based there love to welcome new class mates and are especially keen to share their thoughts and opinions about their school with all visitors. 

Joining Clarence House Preparatory School (Years Three – Six)

Girls at Nightingale House Pre-Prep have a guaranteed place in Year Three at our Prep School Clarence House and look forward to wearing the ‘grown up’ uniform and being in their own specially designed building in Hampton Hill. Time spent in specialist teaching areas with the enthusiastic specialist teachers already known to them is something they look forward too eagerly. Girls hoping to join at this stage from other schools are required to take a short entrance assessment in English and Mathematics after which places will be allocated according to performance and availability.

Scholarships and S.T.E.M. Exhibition Awards

Academic scholarships (worth 50% remission on fees) and S.T.E.M Exhibition Awards (worth 10% remission on fees) are awarded to those who perform at scholarship level and show exceptional ingenuity and grit in tackling a problem solving challenge for the S.T.E.M. Exhibition award. These are available at Clarence House Preparatory School only.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have outlined below some of the key questions posed at our Open Mornings.

Are you currently open for tours?

We are able to offer tours. Please contact our Registrar if you are interested in viewing the School.

When is your next Open Morning?

Due to the ongoing management of COVID-19, we are unable to confirm a definite date but hopefully as soon as possible. If you are interested in visiting, please contact the Registrar.

Is there availability at the Family of Schools?

Please contact our Registrar to discuss your requirements as availability is dependent on spaces which varies across the schools and at different points in the academic year.

Do you accept EEF Funding?

Yes – please view our EEF policy on the School website: Fees

Is there a discount for siblings?

If two or more children attend Jack & Jill Schools full time, we offer 10% discount of fees for the younger child/ren.

Do you offer bursaries or scholarships?

We have no access to bursary funding but offer scholarships for girls joining our Preparatory School. To be considered for a scholarship, girls will need to take an assessment. Academic scholarships are worth 50% remission of fees and S.T.E.M. Exhibition Awards are worth 10% remission of fees.

Do you have a Breakfast Club?

Yes – we run breakfast club at all three schools for an hour before the School’s scheduled start time, Monday – Friday during term time. This is for Jack & Jill Family of School’s pupils only.

Do you have an After School Club?

Yes – we have after school clubs at all three schools from end of day until 18:00, Monday – Friday during term time. This is currently for Jack & Jill Family of School’s pupils only.

For girls in Reception – Year Six, the After School Club includes: healthy tea-time snack, homework club with a teacher, daily clubs (e.g. coding, Spanish, dance) and individual music lessons (e.g. piano, flute, violin).

Please visit the following link to find out more: After School Club

Do you have a Holiday Club?

Yes – we offer holiday clubs at Jack & Jill School, Twickenham during the school holidays. These are only suitable for children aged 2 – 5.

We also offer 11+ revision sessions for girls in Years 5 and 6.

Please visit the following link to find out more: Holiday Club

Do you provide school lunch?

Yes – hot lunch can be booked. This is an extra cost as per the schedule of fees.

Do you have a minibus service and where does it go?

The minibus routes are currently as follows:

  • East Sheen and Richmond
  • Kingston and New Malden
  • Isleworth and Osterley
  • Between our three Schools

For more information, please visit: Transport

Do you have specialist teachers at the Family of Schools?

Yes – we employ specialist teachers in the following subjects across all ages at the Family of Schools: P.E., Music, Dance and French.

What are the class sizes?
  • Nursery – attendances for nursery aged pupils vary during the week, with midweek days being most popular. Group sizes also vary according to age and led by a teacher working with teaching assistants as necessary.
  • Classes in Reception and Nightingale House are arranged as two classes with maximum 16 in each class.
  • C.H.P.S. is planned to hold 4 classes with an absolute maximum of 20 girls in each year group.
Is the Family of Schools a religious school?

We are a Christian school and therefore we celebrate Christmas and Easter, but also mark festivals and celebrations of different faiths such as Diwali.

Is the Nursery for boys and girls?

Yes – we take boys and girls in Nursery.

My child is 1 years old, can he/she join the Nursery?

All children must be 2 years of age or older to join.

Is Reception for boys and girls?

No – Reception onwards is for girls only.

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