The family of schools benefit from the support of an active and committed social and fundraising committee, the Friends of Jack and Jill Schools (FJJS). This normally comprises of parents whose children currently attend the schools but is open to all wishing to support in this way. The FJJS committee meets regularly, has elected officers and is supported by a permanent member of the school staff acting as liaison between the group and school.

Distinctive to the Jack and Jill family of schools is that all funds raised as a result of their social events are donated to the school charities. Children, parents and staff enjoy cake sales, mufti days, social events and the May Fair held annually on Twickenham Green. All of these are designed not only to be enjoyable occasions for the school and local community but are also excellent fundraising opportunities.

Impressive amounts continue to be raised each year; in the academic year 2016-2017 over £24,000 was raised and shared between Shooting Star CHASE and Roald Dahl Children’s charity. This is a special characteristic of the school of which we are extremely proud.

The charities chosen by girls on the School Council for 2017/8 are:

  • Shooting Star CHASE – our local children’s hospice service, a charity caring for local families with a child or teenager with a life-limiting condition
  • African Revival
  • Scarlett Lill’s Brighter Future Fund

This fundraising commitment provides outstanding momentum, energy and focus for the various activities and at the same time fosters awareness of the needs of others, either close to home or overseas within the pupil body.