When a child joins the Jack & Jill family, his/her family becomes part of ours and we aim to work collaboratively to ensure each child’s needs are met, both academically and emotionally.

Quality pastoral care is at the very heart of all we do; we make every decision putting the needs of the child first and by carefully considering the impact on them and their families, trying our best to be flexible and accommodate the complex requirements of modern daily living.

As a small, family of schools, we can really know each child and his/her family exceptionally well. This allows us to cater to the individual needs of each and ensure his/her thoughts, needs and ideas are valued and noticed.

We operate an open-door policy and promote effective and regular communication between parents and teachers; no problem is too small, and solutions will be agreed through productive discussions.

All pupils are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to school life at age appropriate levels. This could be through active school councils representing the pupil body, as eco-captains or as team leaders, as well as by undertaking positions of responsibility including Head Girl, Digital Leader, Sports Captain, or simply by making suggestions how life at the schools and beyond could be improved further.

We also offer a comprehensive range of extra-curricula activities through the after school and holiday activity programmes, which ensure that children receive a well-rounded education and develop skills both for their future and to share with their community.

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