At the Jack and Jill Family of Schools we embrace S.T.E.M. subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – as they pervade every aspect of modern life.

Your child is growing up during a technological revolution and S.T.E.M. subjects are transforming the way we live; they shape our approach to complex problems, from global warming to global inequality.  At the Family of Schools we want to ensure that our pupils understand that S.T.E.M. subjects are important for everyone, regardless of their future direction in life.

We place great emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. S.T.EM. subjects are taught by specialist teachers, under the direction of our mathematics and S.T.E.M. lead teachers.

At Jack & Jill Nursery & Reception School, children in the Early Years have regular opportunities to solve problems or propose solutions to S.T.E.M. challenges. Girls in Reception have Engineering and Coding lessons and can participate in specialist after school S.T.E.M. clubs.

At Nightingale House Pre-Preparatory School, girls deepen their understanding of Engineering and Computing, and begin to use a range of apps and digital tools. 

At Clarence House Preparatory School, girls are encouraged to play, ‘tinker’ and build prototypes in our Makerspace and Science Laboratory.

Across our schools, digital learning runs like a thread complementing teachers’ use of traditional teaching techniques and offers children the opportunity for personalised learning throughour use of 1:1 iPads from Reception and above.

We firmly believe that this emphasis on S.T.E.M. subjects  will encourage our pupils to become confident learners, willing to persist with seemingly impossible challenges.  

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