Jack and Jill Schools are STEM schools as STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – pervade every aspect of modern life.

The younger generation are growing up in the midst of a technological revolution. STEM is transforming how we live and shapes our approach to complex problems, from global warming to global inequality.

At the Jack and Jill family we want to ensure that our pupils understand that STEM subjects are important for everyone, regardless of their future direction in life and that the future belongs to the technically adept. We want to be part of change — and we want every young person to have a sense of wonder about the world.

We place great emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with STEM subjects being taught by specialist teachers under the direction of our STEM lead teacher.

Children in the Early Years have regular opportunities to solve problem or propose solutions to STEM challenges within their normal day whilst girls in Year 1 and above have Engineering and Coding lessons as part of the curriculum and can participate in specialist after school activities.

At Clarence House girls are encouraged to play, ‘tinker’ and build prototypes, with problem-solving activities based on real-world applications in our Makerspace and Science Laboratory.

We firmly believe that emphasis on STEM learning will encourage our students to become confident independent learners, willing to persist with seemingly impossible challenges, and become forward thinkers, providing the world with new and innovative systems, medicines and technology.