School Fees

School tuition fees and supplemental charges are reviewed annually, with at least a term’s notice of any increase except in the most exceptional unavoidable circumstances.

All charges are payable in full on or before the first day of the term, or period, to which they relate, unless otherwise agreed in a separate contractual arrangement.

Payment by childcare vouchers is also accepted.

Schedule of Fees: View tuition fees and charges for the bespoke and flexible extended services.


Early Education Funding

Early Education Funding (EEF) is available for all eligible 3-4 year olds. Please see the EEF Policy for delivery of both the Universal and Extended Funding models.

EEF Policy can be viewed on the following page: Policies

Further information on Early Years Funding can be accessed via HM Government website.


Sibling Discount

A sibling discount applies to tuition fees for younger siblings where both/all attend full time and for the entire period when more than one child is enrolled at the Family of Schools.



Academic scholarships and S.T.E.M. Exhibition awards are offered from Year Three at Clarence House Preparatory School.