The after school club at Twickenham caters for children attending from our local link schools which include Archdeacon Cambridge’s CE School, Trafalgar School and St James’ RC Primary School.

Children are collected from these schools at the end of their school day and escorted to our premises by Jack and Jill Family of Schools staff. The club operates for the duration of each of the link schools’ terms, usually commencing prior to the Jack and Jill Family of Schools term and closing after its end.

Children are divided into four groups according to age with each group having its base in a separate area on the ground floor of the building. As far as is possible, and with assistance from staff as necessary, children take responsibility for planning activities for their own group, deciding its name and discussing the application of the Jack and Jill rules which apply to all.

Each evening, children have the chance to relax and engage in self-directed play activities guided by the Family of School’s team of experienced play workers.

Every afternoon except Friday, there is a scheduled 15–20 minute homework time after a healthy tea time snack. Children have a quiet environment in which they can concentrate on their homework with the support of our staff. All children with reading homework have the time to read to an adult, and those with other homework can focus in a calm setting conducive to work. Children without homework to complete can continue playing.

Creative activities are always available and include drawing and painting as well as cooking, pottery, modelling, jewellery-making and collage. Great emphasis is placed on child-initiated activities and children have access to our well stocked self-select arts and crafts units, allowing them free choice of materials to create individual pieces of work. Imaginative role play areas are provided both within the classrooms and the outdoor play space. Adult led creative activities are scheduled both inside and out. Children are welcome to join these activities, but individual choice is always respected, so that activities are open to all and non-compulsory.

Sports provision is available and suits the needs of the wide age-range. The youngest children are given the opportunity to exercise and engage in basic sports skills like throwing, catching and kicking, whist the older children generally enjoy the structure of organised games of football, kwik cricket, circuits or races.