Girls are taught within two Reception classes which are small with typically no more than 16 pupils in each. This means that we are able to ensure high quality teaching and exceptional support for the girls during their first year in school.

The school day is arranged so the girls benefit from the more formal approach to the teaching of literacy and numeracy in the mornings followed by a full range of creative, investigative and imaginative activities during the afternoons. In this way they experience the best of both worlds and move on to our Year 1 classes, at Nightingale House, with enhanced competency in the key skills and ready to confidently tackle the more advanced demands of the curriculum there. Girls in the Reception classes benefit from specialist teaching in Music, PE, French and Ballet.

Our focus on a STEM curriculum means that the girls are given daily opportunities to tackle open ended challenges, to create, solve, investigate and understand different scenarios and problems presented to them through play.

We work for working parents