Great emphasis is placed upon free play within a structured and organised environment and acceleration in the core skills of literacy and numeracy. Concentration on the more formal areas of learning is supplemented by a wide and varied creative programme consisting of daily music, PE and art sessions taught by specialist staff in our spacious premises.

In the nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which advocates a play based approach to learning. Teachers meticulously plan topic based activities relating to the seven areas of learning which are so much fun that the children don’t even realise that they are working hard!

We also follow the principles of Philosophy for Children, integrating weekly ‘critical thinking challenges’ or philosophical discussions in our lessons. We encourage children to become ‘independent thinkers’ by incorporating regular opportunities to solve problems or invent solutions to questions. In this manner, STEM learning underpins all that we do. Our staff are trained to pose questions encouraging children to further their learning to a deeper level and enhance their rapidly developing language skills.

We make use of our outdoor classroom on a daily basis, integrating activities for each area of learning in our mud kitchen, water area, summer house and sandpit as well as providing physical challenges with a range of tyres and wooden logs which form obstacle courses to navigate.

We work for working parents