Children can be enrolled for as many sessions as required through a combination of sessions between 8.00am and 6.00pm which, together with use of the holiday clubs, provides consistency through the year.

Once they reach the age of three, nursery children attend for the equivalent of five morning sessions or more which can be scheduled throughout the week. We aim to ensure that parents have the flexibility to incorporate high quality education for their child in a manner that works with, and around, their own requirements.

Our morning sessions, 8.45am-12.00 noon, are very busy with specialist PE and music lessons, an hour of practical activities relating to literacy and numeracy development and, of course, lots of free play based around half termly topics.

The afternoon sessions are run until 3.00pm and each day has a special focus, including French, ballet, yoga & well-being, science or ‘world tour’. These activities are carefully planned by our teachers to ensure children explore new ideas and concepts in practical and interesting ways.

Additionally, breakfast club and after-school sessions are available and widely used. These are run by our own experienced staff and enable parents to ensure  high quality education that complements their own commitments.

We work for working parents