Based on Twickenham Green, our nursery welcomes boys and girls following their second birthday and is run as a school with four classes spanning two academic years.

Often, starting at nursery is a child’s first period away from their parents and carers so we place a high priority on  forming strong relationships with families to ease this transition.

Our nursery team focuses on creating a ‘home from home’ environment where parents feel as welcome as their child and communication is regular and easy.

Children join their class in September or January and remain with this group of children and teacher before moving on with their friends to their new group the following academic year.

In this way all children mix and remain with others at a very similar stage of development, establishing strong links with both staff and children in the group.

We pride ourselves on developing each child’s self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning as having positive attitudes towards new experiences and challenges is key to success with all future learning.

We work for working parents