Girls in Years 1 and 2 have their own special home at Nightingale House in Hampton and have typically been at the school since at least Reception if not before. They move into Year 1 with friends they know well and to teachers they have met and become familiar with so experience minimum disruption to their learning.

Nightingale House is a unique environment where young learners can develop confidence in their abilities and gain breadth of knowledge from expert staff who instil in their pupils the passion they themselves have for learning. Emphasis is placed upon the development of excellence in literacy and numeracy as well as good working practices, diligence and the sheer joy of learning.

Nightingale House is the original base for the Jack and Jill family, being the home of the school’s founder, Molly Papirnik. Her passionate belief in the importance of a ‘home from home’ ethos has been retained by providing the happy, relaxed and supportive environment which has proved to be so successful over many years.

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