The Nightingale House curriculum is broad, balanced and challenging. Girls are taught a traditional curriculum devoted to academic rigour and acceleration in English and mathematics in the morning, with a full range of creative and investigative subjects taught in the afternoon by specialist teachers. In all curriculum areas, we have identified the knowledge that we want the children to master during their time at Nightingale House and regularly revisiting this knowledge ensures that children are able to remember and build upon this knowledge on their journey through the Family of Schools.   

The afternoons are devoted to P.E., S.T.E.M. (science, computing, mathematics and engineering), music, French and the arts; all taught by specialist teachers.  

Healthy living is a key focus for the schools, so the provision includes weekly P.E., dance and swimming lessons, taught in small groups at the pool complex of The Mall School from Year 2. The girls participate in football and athletics tournaments with local schools, enjoying the opportunity to showcase their sporting prowess. Teachers encourage discussion about mental health throughout the curriculum and within specific taught lessons; girls learn strategies to help them manage change and different emotions they experience as they grow up in a modern world. 

Children enjoy a chance to continue to develop their digital literacy with the use of 1:1 iPads to further enhance their learning, as they do in Reception. In Nightingale House, girls are introduced to iMovie, Scratch Jr and Book Creator apps, to name a few, which enable them to demonstrate their learning in new and innovative ways.   

We bring learning to life with a rich and varied programme of trips and visitors to the school. Girls enjoy interacting with our local community, exploring museums, places of worship and theatres. We focus on the importance of local charities, enjoying visits from ambassadors from the charities we support.  

We work for working parents