Clarence House offers everything you would expect of an Ofsted outstanding preparatory school, but it is different in several important ways, too. It is a small school, meaning we can provide your daughter with individual support and coaching.

Clarence House is a STEM specialist, with a dedicated science laboratory, a makerspace for building models, robots and prototypes, and state-of-the-art technology in every classroom. And we have a special focus on grit – that is, perseverance and passion for learning – that influences everything we do at Clarence House.

From our special induction boot camp to our one-to-one coaching sessions, our team of experienced subject specialists has drawn from high-performing schools from across the world to enhance traditional girls’ education.


Sample past papers

On the links below you can view sample past papers for our 7+ Entrance Examination:

Sample 7+ English Entrance Paper for CHPS

Sample 7+ Mathematics Entrance Paper for CHPS


Support for parents moving to London

A number of parents currently overseas have enquired about moving to Clarence House Preparatory School.

Clarence House Preparatory School has a limited number of places for 2021-22 and 2022-23.

We know moving to the U.K. would be a daunting step for most children. You and your daughter will have questions about how we can help her settle, how we can help her make new friends, and how we can help her adapt to a different culture.

We are ready to help you, from initial contact to your daughter’s first day at our school:


Step One: Teams or Skype Conversation

The Headteacher of Clarence House Preparatory School will arrange call you on Teams or Skype. He’ll discuss the school, adaptation, and the process of preparation for Senior Schools at 11 (the 11+), and answer any of your questions.


Step Two: Test

We assess your daughter by emailing test papers. Your daughter can sit these a time convenient for your family. The tests are designed that the first page of questions are ‘easy’, with challenging questions at the end of the paper.

We’ll ask you to take a photo of her answers and email this back to our admissions team.


Step Three: Discussing Your Daughter’s Test

Based on these tests, we can give you our first impressions about likely outcomes at 11+. If she would struggle with our academic curriculum, we’ll tell you that Clarence House isn’t the right school for her; in nearly all cases, we’ll offer a place.


Step Three: Discussion with Your Daughter

The Headteacher will hold a Skype or Teams conversations with your daughter at a mutually convenient time. This is not a formal interview; this is an opportunity for us to get to know her character and for her to ask any questions.


Step Four:  Preparatory Homework

Once you’ve accepted a place, we will begin sending through weekly tasks for your daughter to complete, focused on English language, in preparation for learning in the U.K.



If possible, we ask for a reference from your daughter’s current school; we won’t ask for a reference without discussing this with you first. Where this might be difficult for you, we ask you to send her most recent report.


Younger children can join other schools within our Family of Schools – Jack & Jill School, Twickenham for Nursery and Reception, and Nightingale House, Hampton for Year One and Year Two pupils.

We work for working parents