Our academic curriculum meticulously specifies the knowledge that students will master in their four years at Clarence House. This knowledge is outlined in our unique Knowledge Book.  

We believe that a broad cultural and historical knowledge improves every pupil’s life, so we sequence and revisit knowledge explicitly and systematically, ensuring Clarence House girls remember what they are taught for the long-term.   

“The only thing that transforms reading skill and critical thinking skill into general all-purpose abilities is a person’s possession of general all-purpose knowledge.” – E.D. Hirsch  

There is academic rigour in every subject. C.H.P.S. girls study English and mathematics for five hours a week, where they are prepared for competitive entry examinations and scholarships at 11+. Small class sizes, specialist teaching and cognitive science  ensure that our girls make rapid and sustained progress. 
The Clarence House curriculum is enriched by a programme of events, trips and visitors, taking advantage of London’s world class museums. All girls attend our annual residential week, which range from short outward bounds adventures to week-long language and activity holidays in France. 
And, uniquely, we teach the students how we learn what we learn. C.H.P.S. girls can tell you all about the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, the limits of working memory and the power of retrieval practice. This knowledge enables them to make the most of their time in school.   

We work for working parents