At Clarence House we have designed our curriculum, teaching and approach to assessment with a focus on long-term memory, understanding the importance of spacing out practice, the limits of working memory, the vast capacity of long-term memory and the power of self-quizzing.

Our approach to teaching and the curriculum is informed by over a century of research into cognitive science. On day one, as part of our induction ‘boot camp’, we teach Clarence House students that working memory is limited.

They learn that information committed to long-term memory alleviates the pressure on working memory, enabling us to solve complex problems, and to think creatively. Clarence House students understand that deliberate practice, spaced practice and self-quizzing are the key to fighting the natural human tendency to forget. And we use knowledge organisers, self-quizzing cards and apps to ensure we remember.

This understanding of ‘how we learn what we learn’ enables our teachers to teach better, and our students to learn more effectively – and develop habits that will benefit them for life.