The Clarence House motto is Work Hard and Be Kind – and we have sky-high expectations for pupil behaviour and manners.

The school day begins at 8.15, with our first class at 8.30. Lessons are fast-paced and require the girls to think hard, with the morning devoted to English, mathematics and reasoning. By 11.00 they’re ready for a healthy snack and the chance to run around in our playground.

The periods between break and lunch are spent studying STEM subjects and the humanities.

Lunch is a special time at Clarence House. Staff and pupils eat a healthy cooked lunch together. The girls lay the table and serve their friends, with the meal opening with a prayer or thought offered by a pupil. We give the girls conversation topics – such as ‘If you could have a super power, what would it be?’ or ‘Who is the most devious figure we’re reading about in history?’ – and encourage the girls to speak in full sentences and respond to their peers. Family lunch closes with an opportunity for girls to express thanks to friends and relatives who have helped them.

The afternoon is devoted to sport and the arts. Girls may choose to go home at 3.45, but the majority stay on for homework club and our full range of extra-curricular activities, including sport, music, art and drama.

We work for working parents